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Stephen Nicholas is a San Antonio attorney with over 30 years experience who can help you whether you have been charged with a crime or if you are facing a divorce. Choosing an attorney during such a difficult time is one of the most important decisions a person can make. A lawyer with understanding and experience can guide you through the process and give you the opportunity to achieve the best result in your case.

Stephen Nicholas received his B.A. from Trinity University in 1973 and Juris Doctor (law degree) from St. Mary's University in 1983. He began his career in 1984 along side his father, attorney Anthony Nicholas. Stephen Nicholas' experience includes state, federal and juvenile court. He has taken over one hundred cases to trial, including his involvement in a Capital Murder case in 1985. 

During his 30+ years experience as an attorney, Stephen Nicholas has been a prosecutor and an investigator. He has experience on both sides of the courtroom and he understands what it takes to achieve the best outcome for his clients. He has provided criminal defense for clients charged with DWI/DUI, Aggravated Assault, Murder, Aggravated Sexual Assault, and Capital Murder. His experience in family law includes simple Divorce as well as Custody Cases. 

With the extensive trial experience acquired over his long career, Stephen Nicholas has the skills and knowledge to advise, counsel and consult each individual to achieve the best possible outcome for those accused and their families; the often forgotten victims of a criminal justice system which will simply march forward based on an often unfounded allegation which will jail the individual accused and not consider the consequences on their families as a result. 

The 30+ years experience of Stephen Nicholas will help you. Stephen Nicholas is meticulous in keeping up with changes in the law and is capable and prepared to battle for you and fight for your rights. If you are facing a family law dispute or a criminal charge, contact the Law Offices of Stephen Nicholas today. Stephen Nicholas will protect your rights and provide the best outcome justified by the facts and circumstances presented.

Stephen Nicholas provides the initial consultation for free and this doesn't mean a 10-minute phone call or a 30-minute interview. Whatever time is needed to educate a person accused of a crime or facing a family law matter on the process they are facing, will be taken free of charge. Once the decision to hire the Law Offices of Stephen Nicholas is made, in order to assist in initiating the attorney-client relationship, all major credit cards are accepted or convenient monthly payment options can be arranged. Contact attorney Stephen Nicholas now online or call 210-710-6527 for immediate advice. Let Stephen Nicholas help you.